Napa Road Cycling
  • Healthy breakfast for athletes

  • Road, Mountain and Gravel rides along local country roads

  • Scenic hiking trails

  • Plenty of space for bike storage

  • Post-ride recovery amenities

  • Yoga mat and foam roller in each room

  • Bike repair den with pro tools 

  • SAG available for cycling groups

  • Assistance with bike rentals

  • Meeting spaces for group huddle

  • Daily fitness passes

  • Bike wash area

  • Bike-friendly staff

Traveling without your bike? Calistoga Bikeshop has you covered. Rent a bike

Our luxury cottages are located in downtown Calistoga, Napa Valley’s last authentic destination. Tucked into picturesque wine country, Cottage Grove Inn is just a short stroll to restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and galleries.


As a second home to intrepid travelers from all over the planet, we believe life should be a balance of adventure, authentic connections, warm hospitality, and creative spirit.


We are the perfect spot for the active traveler and we host cyclists of all levels. Whether you travel solo or you are part of a group or you lead professional tours, you will find Cottage Grove Inn to be this special home catering to you, your group and your bike.


Unforgettable rides along beautiful local county roads, winding through hidden valleys and lush vineyards will leave lasting amazing memories. Ride in Napa Valley and its rolling hills, flat speedy routes, mountain climbs. Undoubtedly, you will love the breathtaking views. Come join.

Bike Repair Den